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Monday, 9 April 2018

READY 15 BOT SCRIP AUTO TRADING FOR BINARY.COM has been providing the bot to create his own script, but to be able be implement a strategy into the form of the script is not easy to do, especially for a beginner, so we provide 15 bot script auto trade is best for you.

Ready 15 Bot script Auto trading

1.Binary Bot Rise Fall-EMA CROSSING
2. Binary Bot High low - EMA Crossing
3. Binary Bot Higher - RSI Indicators
4. Binary Bot lower - RSI indicators
5. Binary Bot rise
6. Binary Bot fall
7. Binary Bot Rise & Fall - RSI Indicators
8. Forex RSI binary bot rise & Fall
9. RSI binary Bot Gose out- OP during First Candle (TF 1 minute)
10. Binary bot digit odd/ even
11. Binary bot digit Under
12. binary Bot digit Uper
13. binary Bot DIGIT  MATCH
14. Binary bot sipper forex SMA-RSI Indicators
13. etc

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