Get All Your Bitcoin Data in One Place With Bitcoin Visuals


The massive rise in Bitcoin prices last year has piqued a lot of interest in how this cryptocurrency works. Potential buyers or researchers have always been looking for data points driving Bitcoin prices, though it might get intimidating to find all the statistics in one place. Bitcoin Visuals, however, is looking to change all of that with a comprehensive offering of stats covering various aspects of the digital currency in a cool way.

What is Bitcoin Visuals?
Bitcoin Visuals’ mission statement is to become the go-to resource for Bitcoin data and visualizations on the internet. The site claims that it is different from the other sites out there because they focus on more than just one aspect of Bitcoin.

The website homepage greets the visitor with a whole lot of options to explore. For instance, you can get a massive amount of information about the Lightning Network, which is a secondary layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that’s used to process transactions in a fast and cheap manner.

Clicking on the Lightning Network option will send you to a page with a variety of charts. These charts display information such as the number of nodes on the Lightning Network, the number of channels, the network capacity, and many more. The site also gives detailed information about other important aspects of Bitcoin such as transaction fees.

In addition to this, Bitcoin visual data have also provided a staple such as price, volume, and capitalization. But cool chart that you may want to check which features a growing number of cryptocurrencies in the market. There are only cryptocurrencies 1.492 traded in February this year 2018, but the number has now grown 1.629.

Why Bitcoin Visuals?
Bitcoin visual mission statement mentions that the site will remain free and open. What's more, and visitors can download any graphics on the web site in the format of the data and images. So it will be easier for the entire community of researchers, developers, and the general public to use the website in accordance with their wishes and needs, while advancing the goal of a website into a comprehensive provider of Bitcoin data and visualization.


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