5 Best Trading Strategies In Binary Options


Below is a list of the 5 best trading strategies in binary options are worth a try:

1. Strategy Trends
Cannot be denied, the trenharga always brings an invaluable potential. Either in the spot forex binary options, trends or banyakdinilai as the most ideal conditions for entry. Although binary options will no longer take into account the large price movement to weigh its advantages, but the open option at a time when prices are trending firmly fixed are preferred.  This is because trends can make it easier to You to analyze the direction of price movement. If the trend continues, you can more easily take an option call " " or "put  " with more convincing.

2. Strategy of the Pin Bar
This strategy relies on the pin bar, namely a candle with a small body and long axis exceeds the great body of his. PIN bar reversal signal is one that is reasonably believed by many traders. Well as its primary indicator or simply konfirmator, the appearance of pin bar has always been considered important.

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The location of the axis of a longer bar pin can be taken as a guide to estimate where the direction prices will turn around. For example, a pin length axis bar is located at the bottom of the candle in the call as Bullish pin bar. If this occurs after the pin bar before there is a bearish candle, then the pattern could be a signal that the price would turn bullish.

3. Strategi Hedging

Another strategy worth considering in trading binary options hedging is a strategy. In binary options, the use of hedging strategies can be more flexible, because the binary options brokers generally cannot ban the trader to put the opposite option in an instrument at the same time. Because of the ease, you can maximize the chances better hedging.

The main purpose of hedging actually is to anticipate losses of option which will expire out-of-the-money. 

4. The strategy of Risk Reversal
Similar to the strategy of hedging, risk reversal is also a method that is executed by opening 2 option   "call" and "put  " in the same time. The difference is, the goal of risk reversal here not only to minimize the risk, but also make new profits.

5. Strategy Straddle
Straddle strategies are still associated with the placement options   "call" and "put  " simultaneously. Here, there is an emphasis towards the conditions of the price and way analysis that can help you find potential for level entry option. Basically, straddle concentrated focus on support and resistance as a delimiter which specifies prices area   "call" and "put  ". Level indicator of overbought and oversold on the oscillator can also be utilized as potential entry area.
In the picture above, it appears that the point of open   "call" and "put  " has been adapted by the RSI chart had reached overbought and oversold. You can take advantage of such opportunities by adjusting the expiry time in order for both the option expires at the same time. If you succeed, not only the advantages gained from one option only, but the option 2 will both generate a profit.
It should be noted that the determination of the expiry time is key in strategy straddle. 

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