60 seconds of Binary Options strategy With News Trading


Not only with technical analysis, trading 60 seconds can also be done by relying on economic news releases. You can analyze and sort out the news that will influence on the assets that You are trading.

The greater the influence of the news, the more violently the impact also will be awarded against price movement. You can estimate the movement rises for positive news, while the decline in prices when the news release gave rise to negative data.

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It proves the ability of trading 60 seconds to be used in markets that are trending. You also don't need to be worrying about the occurrence of a correction, because public oversight about the length of the period is 30 minutes before the trend began to show signs of reversal. If you can take advantage of the momentum which arises because of the release of economic data, you will be able to collect the profit in 60 seconds with a very short and easy.

60 seconds of trading on binary options can be done in binary options brokers providing expiry time minutes. In addition, there are also brokers who make trading 60 seconds as one type of trading like rise/fall, high/low, touch/no touch, and so on.

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