Learn Forex Binary Trading And Shares With Analyzing Candlestick + Mathematical Formulas

I will discuss how to read the candlestick easily and cheerfully learned step by step. Without waiting for long again Let's learn trading using candlestick.

By studying the pattern of candlestick patterns that appears we can analyze whether the movement of the market an asset will be up or down.

Please note that candlestick that moves up or down are distinguished according to colour:
 -The candlestick move upwards trend often called Bullish ride is often described with the candlestick colour white/green
 -The candlestick move down/down trend is often called a Bearish candlestick which is often described with the color black/red
GAP In The Candlestick
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Gap in the candlestick has a meaning different from the gap in the bar chart. In the bar chart, the gap occurs if between high and low one session and other sessions do not overlap. While in candlestick gap occurs when the overlap does not occur between the open and close a session and other sessions (only body

This is because the emphasis is on the body of the candle candlestick. Therefore in the candlestick pattern, most if it is called a gap then what happens is the body gap. Likewise, the gap is filled in if a body next session fills the gap.
However there are some candlestick pattern where the gap here including shadow. If the referred shadow gap, then the gap can be filled by shadow or body the next session.

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