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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Learn forex for free - the basics of forex you must know

Forex trading is a business investment that could provide a huge profit in a short time, this makes forex trading one of the street that gives the opportunity to anyone to become millionaires with just a minimal capital.

The large number of advantages offered by forex trading, making business is growing very rapidly especially since the beginning of the year 2000 along with the endorsement of the internet which makes trading activity becomes very easy.
The increase of the number of new entrants in this trading world make increasingly mushrooming of training which provides services for studying forex. Ranging from low-cost to expensive.

However don't worry, because it is so expensive that it used to learn forex, forex free learning era now was present. Already there are a few sites that provide free forex learning materials, including

Here you will learn forex for free ranging from learned essentially to the tips and strategies to win.
Before starting you need to know that the forex market is the largest market in the world with an average daily volume reaches the US $2 trillion, or the equivalent of a combined 46 times all stock markets in the world making it the most liquid market in the world. This means that if you buy now, you can also sell back what you buy at this time as well.

With daily transaction volume is so great, making the price movements in the forex market is very active. So the ups and downs of prices can take place quickly. This offers a great opportunity for anyone involved in it for profit, including you!

To be able to achieve a profit, once again you have to learn. The following free forex lessons:


Before understanding the higher levels, you need to have a strong early Foundation. Here at ibaratkan you can learn sections battlefield first, before the war. Basic knowledge of forex this material include: what is forex, forex currency pairs, excess, buy, sell, leverage, margin, market order, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, indicators, forex charts, candlestick, gap, trend, support, resistance, elliot wave, chart patterns, as well as other basic materials.

MetaTrader is a trading platform that is most widely used by the broker in the world, this is a piece of software that is capable of displaying data in realtime, so the market traders who use it can perform analysis and make decisions from the results of the analysis of the data shown by the metatrader. This metatrader software can be downloaded for free from the website of the broker. In part this metatrader tutorial you will learn how to install starting from metatrader, how to create a demo account via metatrader metatrader part, know, use metatrader, and perform technical analysis on the metatrader platform.

Every decision you take either a Buy or Sell must be based on the results of the analysis, so that the transaction we have chances to win and major profit more. In general there are two types of analysis used in forex trading, namely Fundamental analysis and technical analysis. On the learning of this analysis you will learn various ways to analyze starting from how candlestick analysis, how to analyze chart patterns, analysis using the classic indicators, analysis with modern indicators, analyze the volatility of the market, analyzing market saturation, and how to analyze compliance with strategy trader.

This is the essence of forex trading that is transaction based on the results of the analysis. There are several ways to perform a transaction, there is a market order as well as in the pending order. On how this forex trading you will learn how to open a Buy and a Sell, how to install, how to use stop loss trailing stop, open and close a position pending orders that are still open.

After mastering all the above free forex learning material, you could be out on a demo account with virtual money. Once proficient, using real money or capital.

But keep in mind that forex Trading is not a game, because if you consider this game the results obtained was only limited to mess around. So learn this business seriously, and trading is seriously.

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