RSI Forex Strategy And Bollinger Bands


This forex strategies we use two indicators help RSI and Bolinger bands multi timeframe.
The indicator RSI has the quality to identify trends. We are sure, if indicator could definitely have a strategy with high profitbilitas. Well, we will try to combine with indicator Bolinger bands.

Indicators are needed is Relative Strenght Index and Bollinger Bands. All the indicator with the default settings.
Time frame used 4 h and 30 min (if you type scalper, you could use the time frame is 30 min and 5 min).

The trading system is very simple and easy, the input indicator into the chart. That needs to be noted is the moment you observe in a 30 min time frame, only observe the course indicator Bollinger bands, and the time frame for 4 h, observe the RSI indicator only. Remember, do not observe both the indiaktor bertime chart in one frame is the same.

When the RSI above level 50 on time frame 4 h that means sign an Uptrend, and if the level is below 50 mean the Downtrend. After we observe and identify trends in time frame 4 h, we now move to a 30 min time frame for entry-level positions.

Okay, when at the time frame 4 h prices are Uptred, then at 30 min time frame we will wait for the price is near the Lower Bollinger bands. When price touches the Lower line of the bands, and wait as the candle close above the lower Bollinger bands soon open buy, with stop loss price lowest candle out of the lower Bollinger bands. To exit our position close a position when the price was about middle bands or touch the middle bands.

To open sell lived behind such signals.
Remember, when rates are touching or being near the zone of middle bands, don't expect the price will continue to advance and break through the line. Indeed the price will definitely penetrate the middle line of the bands, but we don't know when it happened. So, the more secure the profit a little bit or we must be greedy with a large profit at risk.

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