How To Get Profit Without Affected The Psychology Of Trading

In the investment world trading forex investors often focus more on analysis, they strive to be the best in analyzing the market, be it technical or fundamental methods. But regardless of your level of analysis in forex trading, be it beginner or a reliable, if you forget an important factor on this one, it will hinder You to gain profit. These factors are the psychology of Trading.

Control your trading psychology is very important. A professional trader should have the ability to regulate their emotions and mental interests of their trading. Those who fail here won't be able to last a long time in forex investments. The following things you should notice in the psychology of trading:

1. Discipline against a Trading Relaxed
Trading relaxed is a kind of rules you apply to yourself. Plan with the individual trading strategy for you. Never even if you break the rules you have created yourself. Believe me that if once you let the rules were violated, it will become second nature, and in the end you will be stuck in the abyss of bankruptcy.

2. Cross the line

Advantages of forex trading are not limited to making them ever feel the sweetness of profit, of course, want a bigger again. If it can be 100 million in one-time trading! This is a problem of greed will appear. Want something more logical considerations and in the absence of careful calculations such as capital, market conditions, and the risks, that is what is meant by greedy.

3. Revenge
You are stuck in greed when profit will usually experience a loss in a subsequent transaction. until the next psychological problem arises called revenge. Instead of turnover, which happens next is greater loss. Why? The cause of those who are already affected by the thought of revenge like this always thought to reach the BEP (break-even) in the shortest-in a nutshell. Resulted in the opening of a position that impressed imposed even though market conditions do not support. End Yes what else if not loss?

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4. Undecided/Fear
Both of these result in the same psychological issues: entry at the delayed or even missed the chance of profit. When you take a Buy or Sell at the price then in effect late can be turned from a trend that has been predicted that, and certainly will suffer losses. The only way to escape from fear is to recognize how the characteristics of the market and be able to predict the movement of the market correctly. The more often Your prediction is valid, it will be more courage to do the action of Buy and Sell.

5. Feeling

The forex market is already full with a variety of market sentiment, rumors and psychological problems of the perpetrators. Well, don't add another issue with one called the feeling. This will make everything look more complicated and moody. This will only make us into trading no longer regularly and do not have a clear system. Everything is based on feeling.

The points seemed to look simple, but in fact is not an easy matter. Even a man who has long been in the forex world still suffered a loss due to not being able to control the trading psychology. Nothing takes a few months to a few years to be able to control it, some even could not get through at all


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