Trading in 5 minutes With technical indicators

Of the many indicators that can be applied to binary options trading in 5 minutes, this article will be choosing MA (Moving Average) to provide examples of the use of this strategy are technical. One of the main keys to note in the use of MA is setting the time frame and the MA period itself. There are two rules that must be followed by a trader of binary options, namely:

1.When prices fluctuate from a higher level of MA to the lower position of the MA, the selected option is  "put "

2.When prices fluctuate from a lower position than the MA to the higher level of the MA option should then be placed is  "call ".

The application of trading strategies 5-MA can be seen from the example graph below:

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In the graph above, the price movements of HIGH SCHOOL-5 installed on the chart of EUR/USD with the time frame the M5. Trading opportunities created from the above circumstances is to put option  "put " when the candle was formed under MA. Conversely, when the candle is formed on top of the MA, the option should be chosen is  "call ". If both of these ways can be implemented well to market conditions above, then the trading option will expire in-the-money in just 5 minutes.When you take the trading opportunities from high school into the 5-position options are opened every crossing occurs on the line MA, then you will be able to earn profit on an ongoing basis. Isn't this is a strategy that is very suitable for short term traders to reap profits in a short time? What's more, the magnitude of profit level selected does not affect the level of risk of the trading capital amount origin that is used is not enlarged. 

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