Trading Strategies Using The Most Accurate Indicator To Profit Consistently


In the strategy trading analysis we should be able to find out the trends that are happening, when the occurrence of reversal of price and how great the power of the trend that is currently going on. For that we need the most accurate trading indicators.

Basically there is no indicator that showed 100% accurate signals. All indicators that are good, if we know how to make use of them in analyzing the movement of the market. For that we learned in the past each function indicator.

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Technical analysis Indicators are basically indistinguishable in type 3.

1. Tren Following Indicator 
A trend Following Indicator i.e. indicator used to read movement or identify when a trend direction will also switch. Know necessary changes trend certainly will also be very useful for some traders, especially to know the right time to open or close the Open place (OP).
That includes indicators of Follow Trends i.e., Parabolic SAR, MACD, DMI, MA

2. Price Momentum Indicator (Oscillator) 
Oscillator that is a sign of a fluctuating nature type, is used to ascertain the condition of the market does the middle of oversold (too sold) or overbought (too purchased). The momentum of this type could be used to ascertain whether the trend will also exchange or still persists
That includes indicators of oscillator are: Stochastic, RSI and CCI

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3. Volatility Indicator 
Volatility indicator that is a sign that can be used to measure the magnitude of the price movement in one of the trend. Type this sign can help us in ensuring the ability of the market that this is best from the big to the small price fluctuations at one specific time period.
That includes indicators of volatility i.e. ATR, VIX, and the Bollinger Bands.

Well now we know it turns out there are many trading indicators. Thus the indicator which should we use? and what is the most accurate indicator in generating profit?

We do not need to use all the indicators, select one or more used simultaneously or is usualy called a combination. Tujuaannya that is as I said above, there is no indicator that 100% accurate signals. Well the anticipation of it we put up some indicators in order for deprivation indicators that one could be helped by other indicators.

If using more than one combination of indicators, while taking trading positions waiting for all of the indicators are mounted shows of the same signal.

If we are still a novice trader and still find search techniques that most produce. We recommend that you learn all the techniques used to trading indicators, trading techniques using candlestick patterns and techniques utilizing the support and resistance.

Do practice and research, and then determine which strategies did you most easily generate profit. The most accurate strategy in trading strategies are techniques that in accordance with its own trading style that is obtained through the results of the research and the practice of observation alone.

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