How To Play Forex For Beginners


One of the key which should and must be done by the novice trader is learning.
Without learning about what you have to do in the forex market is a mistake that will surely lead You into very large losses.Surely you don't want the right money you deposited into your trading account disappeared without giving the slightest advantage?

 1. Understand very well what is Forex Trading
 If you have a close acquaintance that forex trading, try ask him with the SERIOUSNESS you to understand what is forex trading.However, in General a forex trader will be lazy to explain what he was doing to ordinary people who just want to know, then it's of "sooth " your curiosity about forex trading needs to be emphasized.

2. Learn Trading with a Demo Account
  Trading with a demo account, i.e., to trading with real conditions, but the money used is not real. So if a loss, you will not lose your money in a real. Neither if a profit, then the profit can not be exchanged/withdraw.

3. Find a Reliable Forex Broker
  Finding the right forex broker in the liver is hard-hard-easy. Because you are a novice trader who depart from a small capital, then a suitable broker forex broker is abroad.

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