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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Forex Trading Strategy Using Bollinger Bands

Trading indicators – a great choice for beginners (and advanced)! 

Forex traders in general rely on indicators to do predictions
trading them.For experienced traders, usually they are already
have a set of indicators that are used frequently, and matched with custom
trading them. Well, the indicators used and they usually tend to be complicated,
and is not necessarily suitable for beginning traders who haven't a lot of experience.

For beginners who want to try trading with the use of indicators, Hirose
recommend the Bollinger Bands indicator. The reason? Because of the way of life
an easy to understand, and predictive accuracy is good enough.

Trade with Bollinger Bands
The line is colored light blue is on top of bottom-candlestick named Bollinger
The band. This is the line that will help to take the benchmark when to

1. If the length of the Bollinger Band line candlestick, prices likely
big will soon reverses direction.
2. the Candlestick bottom line Bollinger Band ⇒ select HIGH
3. Candlestick line top Bollinger Band ⇒ select LOW

Quite see whether Bollinger Band line candlestick or not. And
If Yes, the opportunity to open a position of HIGH or LOW!

How to install Bollinger Bands in MT4
On the MT4 platform, click the icon to install the Indicator Trend ⇒ ⇒ Bollinger
Bands (see image above)

So I created this strategy may be useful make y'all, don't forget to share. ...

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